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Industry Testimonials

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Rhavynn Drummer
Casting Director, Producer, Actor
I've participated in The Actor's Gym not only as a Casting Director but as an actor as well.  Thom's enthusiasm and dedication in ensuring the growth of his students is terrific!  The Actor's Gym is focused on raising the bar of talent in Atlanta and it TRULY feels like a work out! I think The Actor's Gym is an incredible space for actors to grow and thrive!!

Client Testimonials

... I can’t thank you enough for giving of your time and talent yesterday. I could feel in the class, students eyes and hearts engaged on the wisdom you were kicking down. Though all of that may come as second nature to you... Please know that it’s not taken lightly how you are impacting the future of the actors in the Atlanta community. As I was driving back to Nashville I couldn’t help but to think about how some of those kids (literally the young ones in the room) were getting info that was setting them up to be a powerhouse in that community. Man (as you know) rarely in times when we teach and or lecture do we get to see the fruits of our labor. I just wanted to encourage you brother that you are changing lives out in these streets man!!!

~ Tyler M., Actor
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